Tombs of anak

They were talking a lot about ghosts . and they were saying that it was foolish. They were all scarred one of the boys didn’t have a good feeling about it. It was getting dark in the tomb. It was really dry and hot, but they still went on. They all felt that something was wrong. They went in to a room that was empty. there was no doors. and the worst thing about it was it was the darkest room. They were still walking around. And they saw a figure and it had too swords. But they had swords to and they all had there hands on there hands on there swords. They were all praying so that they wouldn’t be scared. Then they started whistling. then they entered a room that had nothing. The next minute they found there self running. With there rifle ready. they sow a big black man shaped thing behind them. Then one of them fired one of his bullets.

Some part of the next 4 chapters

They set up camp and they said it is quiet. They said we should go. So they went on there way.

Some part of the next 2 chapters

They shined there lights into a giants eyes but it was closed. they went into a tulle then the giants woke up. And started running two them but then the giant went wright past them. And went of into the dark.

Some part of the next chapter.

one of om said look a opening in the tunnel. They were looking for part of the group. they said they half to be in there.


soon to come

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