The Last little Cat Narrative

Tyler Anthony and Joshua

The Last little Cat
story by Meindert Dejong
Drawings by Jim McMullan

BELIEVE IT! It would seem that the last little cat was born in the last place a cat should be born-even a last little cat.

I just read this book. It was great. I love it.

The last little cat was being squished every single night and day. There were 5 other kittens who drank all the milk and took all the room. One day, the last little cat fell off of the top cage into an old, blind, deaf dog’s wire cage. The man that owned the dog and cat brought milk morning, afternoon and night to both of the pets. The cat made the old dog sleepy and the man saw that the cat was tucked in his paws, so he brought them outside. The last little cat woke up and wandered off. It was night when he got back and the kennel was locked. He wandered around in the night and he found another kennel. It was a Boxer’s kennel with a fire and chimney. The Cat went into the Boxer’s kennel and tucked between the Boxer’s paws. The Boxer woke up and was barking as loud as he could. The owner came out and thought it was a skunk. The owner thought is was the next door neighbors cat. He went over to the next door neighbors and knocked, but their TV show was on too loud to hear. The man left him on thier porch and left. A big yellow cat who belonged to the 7th house saw that the last little cat was on it’s porch. The yellow cat chased the little cat up a tree till the big cat couldn’t reach him. The last little cat cryed because he was stuck in the tree. He got half way down the tree half way through the night. The bright milky moon came out on top of the tree, this reminded the last little cat of the warm milk at the kennel. By morning he got down the tree. 7 little kids spotted the cat under their car. They all tried to grab him for 10 minutes. One of them caught the last little cat and brought it to their mother. When they got into the house, they saw that their mother wasn’t in the kitchen. She had gone back to bed. The 7 kids raced up to their mother’s room and asked their mother if they could keep it. They heard a sound saying,” Kitty, kitty, kitty” from the 7th house. Their mother said, “Did you hear that kids? That cat must belong to the 7th house.” They all raced down the stairs sadly and the littlest kid said, ” What if that is not their cat? Do you think mother will let us keeep it then?” Their mother said from the top of the stairs, ” No.” The went down the stairs to give the cat to the 7th house. They went through the gate and the woman said, “That is not a good way to hold a cat.” The kid dropped the last little cat and he ran away to the 8th house. It was night by the time the last little cat got to the 8th house. The man who lived there was already in the house asleep. It was midnight. The last little cat had to wait on the 8th houses porch. In the morning the man saw that the cat was waiting for him. He was surprised because the last little cat came to him and it was the same cat that ran away. This man was the man that owned the kennel with the old blind dog and the 5 other little cats. Then the man gave the last little cat warm milk because it was starving. When the last little cat was all done he went to the man who was sitting on the couch and the cat curled up between his feet. While the cat was between his feet the man looked at the calendar and realized it was his birthday. Everyone had forgot about his birthday. The man said that this last little cat is my birthday cat. The man went to his kennel and brought back the wire cage with the blind dog in it for the cat to play with. He took the dog and the cat to work and they played together.
The End

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