Egypt’s 2 Most Famous Things

Anthony Haley The Sphinx and the Pyramids are two things that made Egypt famous. Long ago, there were towering pyramids in Egypt, which were over 450 ft tall. They were super strong and one block was as heavy as 2 tons. We don’t know how they moved them around but the pyramids were a great work of art. Amazingly, they were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.They were used for all the pharaohs’ tombs. They had money and treasure in the pyramids. Can you imagine how radiant, gold and ruby red they were? The people must have yelled, “How beautiful they are.” They wrote curses on the walls and inside were trap doors, hidden pathways and a bunch of cool treasure . That is only a part of the pyramid’s story. There is much more to learn about the pyramids. Also in ancient cultures, people created myths about a creature named the Sphinx. It had the head of a man and a firm body like a lion. The Egyptians believed that it was a symbol of honor. The most famous sphinx is still sanding in Giza today. It is longer than 200 ft and is 60 feet tall. The Great Sphinx was as solid as a rock. It must have been baffling to see them carefully build the colossal work of art out of stone. Think of how many people it took to build the Sphinx. Sadly, the Great Sphinx has been eroded by wind, sand and rain. The sand has piled up around the Sphinx and it has been dug out over 3 times.This is only one of many sphinxes in Egypt. These two things, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were very famous and still stand today. 10:47 am 11/5/2012

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