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MOBY DICK by Herman Melville

So I guess I better tell you about a little of the first chapter.

There  was  a guy that wanted to catch  a whale.   He had no money .

He met an Indian.  He made a promise that the Indian was to die for him. They bought a boat and together they went sailing. It was Christmas and they saw a boat. The people on the boat said hi and they waved back to the people.

They were still on the boat. They still were looking for a whale and they went in a storm. The mates were keeping watch for whales. A hole has been drilled on each side of the deck.

The strange looking man stood there like a statue. There was a guy and he had no leg. He kept watch all night and all morning.  In the afternoon he went back to his cabin. The whale is like the creature that swallowed Jonah.  It was a great fish. First the whale has lungs and warm blood. This means he must come to the surface of the water to fill his lungs with air and control his temperature.

There was a storm in Ahab’s dark soul.  Starbucks face was as white as snow.  The days and weeks passed. The wind wasn’t blowing. The ship couldn’t move.  They just sat there telling stories and he was most  interested  in stories of MOBY DICK.       The week’s turned into month’s, still they weren’t moving.  They hoped Captain Ahab knew where they were going.    Another week went by. It brought smooth sailing.  They saw a whale. There was a guy  that screamed she blows!  THE NEXT CHAPTER Another ship brought happy news.  As soon as the ship came close, Ahab asked, “Have you  seen a whale?”

They saw a boat a day ago.  They found a school of dolphins in the water. Still no sight of Moby Dick, but the boat that they saw said,”Beware of Moby Dick. the next chapter.  Ahab yelled, “Have you seen a white whale yet?”  They yelled back no.  Then a guy walked up and said, “Could you tell me about Moby Dick?”  NEXT CHAPTER   They saw a boat that was partying.  Ahab saw a grain of salt and remembered somthing, so they sailed and caught whales. They caught four of them.  They were all looking at the gold doubloon. the doubloon Ahab nailed to the mast. they wishing that they wood git it.They found Moby dick. They were caching   Moby dick. They were tossed around.They went into ro bots. Moby Dick came under them and broke the boat. And Ahab’s fake lag snaped. The next day Ahab tried again Ahab threw the last hairpoon it grabed Moby Dicks  neck and puled Ahab  in. He was gone.




I just read A lion to guard us it was a good story  I will tell you about it.


Ther was jimmy and meg and Amanda  they were kitchen mades.

they made only fifty cents a day.

they were saling to find their father.

SO they went on a ship. AND went on  another ship.

and found their dad



NOW  the reason i  say that my web site is the best is becouse it’s about home school and for that reason iwill tell you about the home school times that me and my brothers did with school. Now i was in school when my brother was 4 and i was 6 i was the only one that did school i was mad then then tyler the one that was 4  he turend 5 and i was happy that i was not alone then i was 7 and i was in 3d grade then my other brother that is 4 in a half was 1 in a half  then i was 8 and you know what means im’e in forth grade man! my work was gitting  hard!  then tyler was 6 and he was in second grade and things were gitting touf  four him then joshua the one that was 1 in a half  is now four in a half  and he started school and now im’e nine and i am still in 4th grade ow the name of me the narrater of what hapend in the past is ANTHONY  MR.  ANTHONY  HALEY and that about chachis you up well  that was no fary tale that was the past so the end.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond -by Elizabeth George Speare

Narration by Anthony Haley:

Katherine Tyler was sailing on the Dolphin when she met Nat Eaton.  She was sailing to see her Aunt and her Uncle.  At first, her Uncle didn’t welcome her in, but then, he felt better about letting her in.  Mr. Wood is also Uncle Matthew.  When Matthew let Kit in the house she gave some of her dresses to Matthew’s daughters.  I haven’t told you about Matthew’s daughters.  There names were Judith and Mercy.  Mercy was crippled.  Katherine Tyler, nicknamed Kit, was from Barbados, and she was one of the Royalists.  She was much more privilaged than Judith and Mercy.  Mercy taught children, but then Kit tried to do a play, but she took the kids that were the most meanest to be the robbers.  Then Kit got in trouble and she went into the meadow and she found “the Witch”  Widdow Tupper.  So I haven’t told you about the Witch – Widow Tupper?  People called her a witch, but Kit thought she was a really nice person.  Hannah invited Kit to her house and gave her a blueberry cake.  Then Kit got the courage to go to the schoolmaster’s house.  And I forgot to tell you that the schoolmasters thought that she was a maniac.   She when to see the schoolmaster and asked for forgiveness.   The schoolmaster gave her a second chance.

There were a few other men called John Holbrook and William Ashby  and Dr. Bulkeley.  Judith and Mercy were in love with John Holbrook, but don’t let me get close to that part of the story yet.

On the second trip to Hannah’s house, Kit was talking to the Widow Tupper.  Then Nat Eaton came to bring some goods to Hannah because Hannah Tupper hardly had any food.  Nat Eaton said, “I knew you two would find each other.”  The widow said, “I remember when I gave Nat a blueberry cake and a kitten when he was 8 years old.”  As they were leaving Nat asked Kit to watch over the Widdow Tupper.

On Sunday Kit attended Meeting.  That is what they used to call Puritan Church.  Church lasted all day.  That is when Kit met William Ashby.  William Ashby wanted to marry Kit.  William made a whole house for Kit.  But Judith loved William Ashby at first too.  But then one night at dinner Judith said that Kit can have William Ashby.  Judith decided to marry John Holbrook.  At the corn husking festival, if you find a red ear of corn you get claim the person you are sweet on.  John Holbrook really loved Mercy, not Judith, but everyone thought John was calling on Judith.  The night of the corn husking, John decided to stay at home with Mercy, but Judith never knew that John Holbrook loved Mercy.   He came to the house and said that he might want to stay with Mercy, but then Judith said, - Father tell him to go to the corn husking festival.  Judith dragged John to the corn husking festival.  From that point on, then everyone thought that Judith and John Holbrook would be married.

At the dame school, Prudence wanted to go their, but her mom thought she was too dumb to learn.  Prudence came to the door step and put flowers at the door.  She wanted to learn how to read and write.  Kit decided to teach.  After school Kit told her to meet up at the meadow.  Kit gave her copybook and a hornbook.  They kept the school things at Widow Tupper’s house.  They all become good friends.

There was a sickness in the town.  Some of the kids got sick and some even died.  First Judith got sick and then Kit, but Kit healed faster because she lived in Barbados where she ate good fruit and had lots of sun.  Next, Mercy got really sick.

A few people knocked on the door and they wanted to go kill the Witch, but remember the witch was Kit’s friend.  That night she slipped out the door to warn the Widow Tupper.  They barely caught them slipping out the door.  They saw a cat disappear with a mouse in the cat’s mouth and they thought that Hannah turned into that cat.  They thought she was using witchcraft.  Kit and Hannah hid behind the logs on the river.  After all the people stopped hunting them, Kit saw the Dolphin and Nat was on the Dolphin.  Remember, Nat was Hannah Tupper’s friend.  Kit jumped into the water and the Captain said, “Ahoy man over board and it’s lady.”  Nat can we wait a second and they got Hannah Tupper – but she could not leave without her cat.  Nat set out to look for the cat – it only took Nat a couple of minutes to find her cat.  He brought Hannah and the cat back to the boat.  Nat Eaton offered Kit to go with her, but she had to stay here.  Nat thought  – oh you are going to get married, but she said  – no, I have to look after Mercy.

Mery and Judith got better, but the next morning the people knocked on the door again and thought that Hannah Tupper left to go back to Satan and left her job to Kit.  Kit was taken to a shed to be locked up there and it was like a jail.  She was taken to court – Nat Eaton came back to bring Prudence to give testimony that she was innocent.

John Holbrook left to go to war and everyone thought that he was dead.  But then one day someone knocked on the door and it was John.  He had escaped from the Indians.  He ran to Mercy and everyone realized he really loved her, not Judith.  Kit also told William Ashby that she didn’t think they would be a good husband and wife.  So Judith married William Ashby and Mercy married John Holbrook.

Kit loved Nat.  Kit was waiting for Nat to return on the Dolphin.  He did not return on the Dolphin, but on a new ship called “The Witch.”  Kit wanted to go on the ship, but Nat said  – No, not until I talk with your uncle and we get married.

The End

The Twenty-One Balloons Narrative

The Twenty-One Ballons by William Pene Du Bois

My mom just read The Twenty-One Balloons.  It was really good.  I’ll tell you a little about it.

Proffesor William Waterman Sherman was a school teacher.  He didn’t like being a school teacher for many years.  Then he thought of an idea to get away from school.  He planned to make a balloon house and fly where ever the wind took him.  He went  more than halfway around the world.  He crashed on Krakatoa.  Mr. F found Prof. William Waterman Sherman on the shore of the beach.  Prof. William Waterman Sherman went with Mr. F through the woods of Krakatoa.  The mountain shook and Mr. F said that it will take a while to grow your mountain legs.  The island of Krakatoa was a Volcano.  Then Mr. F lead  him to the diamond mines.   A couple billion dollars worth of diamonds were in the mines.  It was brighter than light.  There were a couple of diamonds like an ax head that Mr. M never had to sharpen.  There was another diamond that was bigger than a baseball.   Mr. M took that big diamond and few small pebbles to a jeweler and got 10 thousand dollars.  He showed the big diamond to 20 families and they came back with him to Krakatoa.  They equally shared the diamonds….  The families went to other countries and brought back stuff to make the houses.  They had a free government.  Their jobs were to make houses like the different countries.  Like Mr. M’s Morrocan house.    Once a month each family would make dinners for everyone else to eat.   Everyone had names from the Alphabet, except Professor William Waterman Sherman.  Mr. F and Mrs. F were the mother and father.  F1 was a boy and F2 was a girl.  Each family had a mother and father and a boy and a girl.  M1 and M2 had scientist brains.  The M house had lots of cool inventions in it, like the moving couch.  The Balloon Merry Go Round had balloons tied on to sail boats.  They fill the balloons with hydrogen and then it started spinning.  It took 5 hours to go up and come back down. They had a sailboat race back to Krakatoa. Then they put it all away.  Professor William Waterman Sherman and Mr. F took a sunbath.  Since Mr. F answered all of the Proffesor’s questions now it was his turn to ask questions about San Fransisco.  The Proffesor had a speech about their friends back home.  There was a Volcano Eruption that very moment.  Then Mr M said. “Everyone on to the Balloon Platform.”  Ohh I forgot to tell you about the Balloon platform.  It was  a big piece of wood for 80 people to go on just in case the volcano errupted.  It had 10 big balloons and 10 small balloons.  Back to the story.  Mr. M told  the men to get their parachutes and told the women and children to go to the platform.  He told Professor William Waterman Sherman to go get some diamonds if he could.  He couldn’t because the volcano was too much for him and he kept falling on his side.  He almost missed getting back to the platform in time.  They all got lifted up into the air with the Proffesor hanging on the side.  They pulled him in.  They headed toward toward the mountain and instead of going down like in the balloon Merry Go Round they were pushed up by a big gust of hot air.  The next morning the whole island blew up.  We couldn’t see what was left of Krakatoa because it was wrapped in a thick huge tremendously tall black cloud of pumice, ashes, smoke, lava, dirt, with I suppose a few  billion dollars worth of diamonds thrown in.  At the first site of land 19 families jumped off.   They had special parachutes that had diamonds in a special pocket that brought them down safely.  The F family and the Professor were the only ones left on the balloon platform.  After 9 days the F Family jumped off in Belgium and I crashed in the Atlantic Ocean.   Proffessor William Waterman Sherman was found in the Atlantic Ocean.  He was rescued by a Sea Captain and taken to the United States.   In 5 days he was taken to San Francisco  by the Presidential train.  It was here where he told his story at the Western American Explorers Club. The end.

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