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MAGIC TREE HOUSE # 17 tonight on the titanic

There names were Jack and Annie. The book went like this, Annie woke Jack up because Annie heard the rain saying,”come now, come now.”
Then Jack listened. It did sound a lot like that. They put on their rain poncho and went to the tree house. Now the tree house was very magic and it had a lot of books in it. If you looked in a picture, say from the 1950′s, the tree house will spin around and take them there. They went to the tree house and they saw a dog. The dog was under a spell. To break it, they needed to go somewhere. Then the dog went to a book and pulled it out. It was the story of the Titanic. The dog put it to a page and they wished they went there. The house spun around. They went on the Titanic and they walked around and found the Captain. Jack and Annie found out that they were sending Mores Code to other ships near by, saying SOS. Jack and Annie went to every cabin. They found kids in the cabin. Their parents were not with them. They rushed everybody into the life boats. There was only (15) minutes left before the ship sunk. So they had to go back to the tree house. They went to the tree house. it was not there. They heard the dog bark and they checked to see if was in the pack and he was not. They heard him bark but they did not see him.
They found him on the tree house. they jumped in and the felt wind and they were Waring their rain poncho again. The dog disappeared. they said he must be up to his magic again.They called to him again. Again again again but he was gone. Jack called him one last time. it was no use.Then they went back home. The end
sneak peek of the next book. Jack woke up one morning and they saw the dog at their front door. Annie ran down the stairs it really was the dog. Grandma was about to come over. Jack and Annie were about to have breakfast so they had to hurry. The dog led them to the tree house. Now this time the dog brought out another book. The book the tree house spun end of book.


THE LOST CLUE by Mrs O.F. walton

There was a kid and his father sent for him.  His father was a wealthy person.   His son went on a train, on a train to his father.   When he arrived at his father’s, he sent a telegram back home.

 There was a guy who broke his blood vessels. He had a red face.

The caption took some keys. The keys were from a old man’s table next to his bed. This is the first time anyone but the old man went in the safe.
There was a envelope in the safe. It had money in it. There was a black sheet of paper next to the money. It was about another safe.
It was so cold that it was almost snowing. He could almost touch snow. He went in and had some hot co – co.
The next chapter. The caption went too the bank. It was so windy that it almost blew a tree over. Palm branches were everywhere.
Caption woke up the next morning. He got dressed. He set off for the morning train.
some part of the next chapter. There was a lady w
ho was very ill. That could not write. A maid had to write for her.

During my reading I was inspired to write a poem:
There was a girl that wanted a cab
She was very very mad
She looked and looked and looked and looked
She just wanted to catch a cab

There was a girl who was cleaning. dusting the hole house. clearing the table.
A maid worked and worked and worked. One day the owner gave her a weak of.
and she had a very plesent weeak.
On the made’s trip she had a blast. she swam and suntan’d .But the best thing was that she had the best hotel ever.

The years went by. It was Christmas time. And every single place he went was jam pacted.
It was his birthday. he got money and presents.But the best gift was a pocketknife from his father.

i will start again next year




In 1776,  Phoebe,  at the age of 13, was a spy.  She lived in New York. It was so long ago General George Washington was in charge.

Phoebe was baby sitting  for Mrs. Washington. Her job was easy, but some times it was hard. She lived in the attic with a small window.Phoebe,  found out  that she found out that the person she was looking for he was in the dinier room. her work was done.





So people wanted to find a place  where they can  worship God alone. So they set off  on to boats-  one the  MAYFLOWER,  and the other  the   Speedwell. Now, the Speedwell  was a small ship so the captain put up a warning flag.

They went ashore. They took guns in case of the Indians.  There was a man who was teaching them how to use guns.

They were so happy that they wanted to have a special day for God.  They had a feast.  Then there were Indians.   They brought food.  They had thanksgiving.







The best way to school is to sit in a Quiet place and git it done

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