My First Laptop Repair

A few days ago I took a laptop apart. It has not worked for a year.

Laptop Parts

Laptop Parts

Here is the part that didn’t work:


My dad ordered the part I needed from When I got the part I went into my room and started working on it. Now take a look at it. I was so glad that it worked.

Laptop Fixed

Laptop Fixed



This is the Person who taught  me how to do this.

Daily Activity # 3

Today was my last day of P.E. sad but now it is the summer and I can do other stuff  like water fights and fun stuff.

Daily Activity #2

Today I played Basketball with my Bro

Daily Activity # 1

Today I sung in church for Mothers Day

How The Olympic Games Started

The first Olympic games started in 776 AD in the prestigious coliseum with over 40,000 people.
The reason the Olympics started was because they thought the games pleased the gods, like Zeus. Only men were allowed to be involved with the Olympics. Some of the games the men played were discus, wrestling, and javelin. In later years, the Olympics ended in 394 AD because people began playing it only for the money. Strongly, the games started again and that’s how the Olympics are today. Throughout the years, the Olympics have remained the same as long ago, but with more fancy adjustments.

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